Legends of Valeros

Legends of Valeros is a long-awaited MMORPG server, that has been in the works for the past couple of years.

Our team prides itself for the aesthetic quality of the server, every bit is done with extra carefulness. The zones are built and designed from the ground up. At its heart, Legends of Valeros is a role-playing server. The lands of Valeros are full of mystery and are extraordinarily beautiful; from towering mountains to frigid tundra, not a detail is excluded.

Our aim is to fill this vast land with quests, story-lines, and forever-evolving narrative which will see players adventuring across the entire world, completing as they go, a myriad of quests and activities with other players to help advance their character.

Aside from our role-playing world, we also offer a chance for players to engross themselves in other forms of game-play which cater for all unique tastes.

Incredible Atmosphere

Dive into a newly made world full of adventure. Explore several continents and their mysteries to become the ultimate warrior.

Handcrafted World

Every single block has been created by our team of highly skilled builders. No world has ever seen that much detail and immersiveness as the lands of Valeros.

Instanced Dungeons

Our world class developers have created miles of instanced dungeons to explore with your friends. Dungeons also drop rare resources and unique Items.